Tiger Lily

The bright orange blossoms of the Tiger Lily add color to the banks of the Juniata.

I read a book once by Dennis McIlnay called Juniata River of Sorrows. It’s a collection of stories about Indian attacks, frontiersmen, mysteries and tragedies along Pennsylvania’s Juniata River. But for me, this river has been nothing but a good time. And being on the water in early summer is my favorite — the banks blast into color with blooming Mountain Laurel (the state flower) and Tiger Lily. Today I took a trip with Chooch and Fat Jack and put in along the Lower Trail — a rails-to-trail bike path busy with bikers out enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. After the take out, we dropped in at nearby Canoe Creek State Park for a paddle that lasted long after sunset — just us and the moon left on the water paddling to the sound of a distant owl.