Category: Must-Do Trips

84 In ‘10

Celebrating the 4th, Alleghenies-style.

Just got back from a weekend running the rapids in Stonycreek Canyon with C.H. 15 rapids in 4 miles makes for a fast and interesting run. C.H. had to pull off a wet exit on Beast, but other than that, we had a pretty easy time of it. Big water always makes for great times. We also paddled the Quemahoning and Wilmore Reservoir. Didn’t make it to Hinckston Run, but that’s for another trip. Speaking of other trips, we’re starting to talk about plans to do the 84-mile Kiski-Conemaugh River Water Trail end-to-end. Let me know if you want in on it.


Paddlers Wanted

The Juniata River Sojourn is a great way to help keep the waters we paddle alive.

Last week Tina, Morgan and I spent a couple days paddling in the Juniata River Sojourn (June 12-19) and had a ball learning about the history of the area, watershed science, art, culture and river conservation projects. If you’re interested in joining us next year, let me know and we’ll get out the info.

Time To Ron-dez-vous

Just heard the Stonycreek Rendezvous is set for May 14-16. Great time checking out paddlers from all over the east hitting the rapids at Stonycreek Canyon. Plus there’s lots of live music and gear vendors. Who’s in?

Final Paddle

C.H. sittin’ on the dock of the lake. Wastin’ time.

I always hate the last take out of the season. Knowing the next chance to get on the water is months away just never makes me happy. But this weekend was a great way to finish with perfect fall weather and lots of great paddling. Tina, Morgan and I started on the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River. This was where we first introduced Morgan to paddling and it’s been a favorite ever since. We paddled, ate a streamside lunch and cast for trout. On Sunday we launched at Shawnee Lake, just enjoying the fall colors before the season’s last take out. We had the lake to ourselves and the quiet was the perfect ending to the year. Our last stop before we hit the road was downtown Bedford for some antique shopping — which is always on our must-do list.